Future Marvel Movies and the Road (map) to success?

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Anyway, here is something that I have been musing over recently that I thought I would share here...

Without any further ado, I present my latest thoughts on the whole Marvel Movie Universe (that's all)...


The release of the Iron Man motion picture in 2008 marked the beginning of Marvel Entertainment's new approach to managing the motion picture rights to its comics properties; Iron Man was the first movie that Marvel went ahead as well as produced itself instead of simply licensing out a character property to another studio in exchange for a licensing fee upfront. This change in direction meant that Marvel would be abandoning its usual guaranteed upfront money for the chance to rake in a a decent deal larger potential profit after release. Obviously this as well meant that Marvel was willing to risk that it might very well be left holding the bag if a motion picture it independently produced were to end up being a financial failure. In short, Marvel's new approach could be summed up with the following: higher risk for potentially (to a great extent)higher reward.

Starting with Iron Man and proceeding vis-à-vis with a variety of other announced impending motion picture ventures, Marvel has deliberately chosen several of its flagship character properties which it beleievs will have the greatest chance of succeeding with moviegoers. Marvel has also been apparent about the fact that it intends to have its self-produced motion picture projects fit in to a cohesive movie universe which will help to ultimately lay the foundations for a Marvel Avengers film afew years down the road. Under I will take a look at a few of the movie projects that are intended to be foremost pieces of the Marvel film universe. From Iron Man to the impending Captain America movie, they every one have their part to play.

Iron Man(2008)

With Iron Man, Marvel was creating a new film universe which they had acontrol of the quality of the product. With the huge financial success of this motion picture, Marvel showed that controling their projects in-abode could work. Iron Man allowed Marvel to establish various of great consequence Marvel Universe characters, like Tony Stark/Iron Man(Robert downey Jr.) and Nick Fury(Samuel Jackson), that will in all probability be included in all of the impending Marvel film projects.

The Incredible Hulk(2008)

While not anywhere near the boxoffice success of Iron Man, the Hulk movie was winning enough,not costing Marvel within long behave. It was the first movie that allowed Marvel to establich the commonality or cohesiveness of its film universe by presenting it with the opportunity to have a character from one film (Downey Jr as Tony Stark) appear in a future movie (the Incredible Hulk) thereby establishing a shared universe for its characters.

Iron Man II(2010)

This will be interesting to watch and see if Marvel is able to build off of the momentum that they created with the huge success of the first Iron Man movie. Genuinely, the gamble starts here since Marvel has established that they can do their characters successfully vis-à-vis screen and now they have all to make sure to keep up the level of success thst they have previously reached. Iron Man II kind of represents the subsequent wave of motion pictures as well as they want to keep the ball rolling vis-à-vis it, therefore to speak.


This could very well be a thing of a wildcard for Marvel; Thor is a popular character for Marvel, nevertheless not on par with Captain America, Spider-Man or Iron Man, as well as as such I dont believe that there is as a lot presure on the subject of the creative forces behind this movie to have it be a success of the scale of the Iron Man franchise. If anything, Marvel is in all probability just using it as abuilding block for their subsequent avengers film project as well as hoping that it finds itself a nice big receptive audience vis-à-vis the side. It will be interesting to seehow Director Kenneth Branagh interprets the Mythology angle of this character for the big screen sans getting to bogged down.

The First Avenger: Captain America(2011)

Talking about film ventures feeling the heat: the subsequent Captain America film is definitely going to be in that situation. Everything from concerns in relation to who they cast as the lead (it's now known that it will be actor Chris Evans of Fantastic Four fame), to how they interpret the famous red, white and blue costume as well as shield onscreen hasbeen fertile ground for comic fan forums over the concluding year or therefore. Now that the plot has been confirmned as being prepared in WWII, we can expect this movie to mainly deal with the back story of the character as well as prepared him up for his participation within impending Marvel Avengers motion picture. Director Joe Johnston will be under the gun to come through on this cornerstone motion picture.

The Avengers(2012)

This movie is what it will every one have been building up to. The Avengers motion picture is a thing that if done right, will be more than the sum of its parts - or as a minimum that is what Marvel has got to be expecting of this project. Marvel would be lying if they claimed otherwise: it is pretty clear that Marvel wants the Avengers to be nothing less than a mega successful movie that will get a flagship franchise for them, with potential to spin off many other projects. the cast for this movie will be pretty much decided by the time it goes in to production since it will be within the works after the other Marvel movies have each and every one been cast as well as the major actors of the other Marvel motion pictures will have the Avengers motion picture in their contracts, as a result it will be up to whoever is chosen to direct to make sure the several actors concerned offer up an effort that is indeed more than the sum of its parts. Marvel has a couple of years as well as counting to make sure they get it right.

Clearly, with the culmination of the next Avengers film, Marvel will be hoping to have a well established as well as cohesive film universe framework from which they can launch new franchise ventures for countless years to come. As well to the film projects mentioned above, Marvel has in addition acknowledged that they are viewing various other film ideas, such as Ant Man as well as Doctor Strange; with Marvel's recent acquisition by Disney, there is several speculation that an Ant Man movie might get an animated venture, while the most likely approach to a Doctor Strange movie could likely well be a movie that shares a great deal in common with the Harry Potter franchise in its look or style due to that series of movies success dealing with the subject of magic.

Subsequently how well will Marvel fare with its flagship properties in such upcoming projects as the Captain America movie as well as the Avengers movie ?
In all honesty, each and every one us comic book motion picture fans can do is wait and observe which approaches Marvel chooses for its subsequent film projects as well as hope that their decisions meet with both vital and box office success down the road. Then far, Marvel seems to be on the subject of the right track and following a especially sufficient road map...

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