New longer Spirit movie trailer has more 'OOMPH'.

It was just a few days ago that I reviewed some of the upcoming comic book movies coming our way this Winter; well, not even a week after posting my thoughts on this there has been something new come down the pipeline: a brand new (and much longer) Spirit movie trailer has been released onto the interweb by Lionsgate studios, the studio behind Frank Miller's movie opus.

I have to admit that this is the first trailer that has even got me remotely interested in seeing this movie. The previous trailers felt choppy as if they were promoting an unfinished product. This newer trailer is most definitely a much fuller or complete trailer, giving me enough material to start and form an opinion on how the movie might end up visually. The new trailer still has abit too much red and black and blue and black effect going on for my liking, but at least it doesn't seem so much like Sin City redux now. Some of the fight scenes may end up being quite different in spirit (sorry) then those of Sin City. As well, the characters are more distinct in this trailer; I now have a better handle on the character of the Spirit, as well as on the character of the Octopus (the lead villain of the film as played by Samuel Jackson).

Anyway, here below is the trailer for you to watch and judge for yourself.

Oh, one more thing: I complained before about the music to the teaser trailer being too much of a steal from the Untouchables movie. Well this time they ditched that music (thank God) and went with something sounding at least less like a steal if still not wholly original - the music now sounds more like something out of the Sin City movie.


Patrick Roberts said...

this looks really good; starring the flying guy from Heroes right?

Stephen said...

'The flying guy from heroes'? I know who you are refering to but I don't know if its him. I never felty that I recognized the actor before. It would be funny if you are right because that is effectively going with a relative unknown.